Hearing Aid Repair Services List

Discount Hearing Aid Repairs are offered by the Pro’s at HearSource.com. HearSource is a full service all-make hearing aid repair lab. We offer repair services for all-brands of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Receiver (speaker)
Repair & Replacement

Hearing aid receiver (speaker) repairs represent approximately 80% of all of all repairs. There are hundreds of different receivers, even within a single manufacturer. We keep all of the most common hearing aid receivers in stock.

Hearing Aid Control Component
Repair & Replacement

Hearing aid switches, volume controls, tele-coils, potentiometers, amplifiers, wiring, capacitors, resisters, etc. All vital to the operation of modern hearing aids. HearSource keeps all of the most common control components in stock.

Hearing Aid Microphone
Repair & Replacement

Hearing aid microphones repairs represent approximately 10% of all repairs. Clean clear sound reproduction is dependent of properly functioning microphones. HearSource keeps all of the most common hearing aid microphones in stock.

Hearing Aid Shell / Case
Repair & Replacement

Hearing aid shells or cases can become damages thru use, misuse, and accidents. HearSource’s in-house shell lab offers the technical and professional expertise to repair hearing aid shells and most cases.

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