Hearing Aid Repair Services List

Discount Hearing Aid Repairs are offered by the Pro’s at HearSource.com. HearSource is a full service all-make hearing aid repair lab. We offer repair services for all-brands of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Receiver (speaker)
Repair & Replacement

Hearing aid receiver (speaker) repairs represent approximately 80% of all of all repairs. There are hundreds of different receivers, even within a single manufacturer. We keep all of the most common hearing aid receivers in stock.

Hearing Aid Control Component
Repair & Replacement

Hearing aid switches, volume controls, tele-coils, potentiometers, amplifiers, wiring, capacitors, resisters, etc. All vital to the operation of modern hearing aids. HearSource keeps all of the most common control components in stock.

Hearing Aid Microphone
Repair & Replacement

Hearing aid microphones repairs represent approximately 10% of all repairs. Clean clear sound reproduction is dependent of properly functioning microphones. HearSource keeps all of the most common hearing aid microphones in stock.

Hearing Aid Shell / Case
Repair & Replacement

Hearing aid shells or cases can become damages thru use, misuse, and accidents. HearSource’s in-house shell lab offers the technical and professional expertise to repair hearing aid shells and most cases.

The hearing aid repair technicians at HearSource have years and years of experience and are “factory trained”  to repair your hearing aids economically and quickly.  If your hearing aids are malfunctioning or not working at all, NOW is the best time to have them repaired. HearSource repairs all brands of hearing aids, including:

AHS – Apherma – Audibel – Audina – AudioTone – ActiveEar – Bell – Beltone – Bernafon – Clarity – Danavox Electone – FineTone –  General Hearing – Hansaton – Micro-Tech – Magnatone Miracle Ear – MyHearPod – National – NuEar Omni – Oticon – Puretone – Phonak – Prairie Labs – Qualitone – ReSound – Rexton – SeboTec – Siemens – Sonus -Starkey – Sonic Innovations – Telex – Unitron – Vivatone – Widex  and many others ….

Our hearing aid repair technicians scrutinize every incoming hearing aid in detail.  We then clean, sanitize, and replace or repair any and all hearing aid components that are not performing to specifications.

All for the best discounted price of:

Standard Hearing Aid Repair Service –     $ 139 per aid + S&H
Includes six (6) month warranty.

Premium Hearing Aid Repair Service –     $ 179 per aid + S&H
Includes one (1) year warranty, HearSource hearing aid batteries and a unique & effective hearing aid cleaning tool.

Rush Hearing Aid Repair Service –              Add $ 49 per aid
If this option is selected, your hearing aid gets 1st priority and immediate attention when received.
Add $49 per hearing aid to either the Standard or Premium Repair Service.


Receiver Link Replacement –                          Add $ 69 per aid  
The Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) style hearing aids use a unique wire and receiver / speaker assembly. Every hearing aid manufacturer has their own unique designs and lengths. HearSource carries most common receiver links in stock for all brands of hearing aids. In the event a receiver link needs to be replaced an additional $69 charge will be added to the Standard or Premium Repair Service.

Faceplate Replacement –                               Add $ 59 per aid
In the unlikely event that the faceplate of your hearing aid needs to be replaced, there is an additional charge of $59 each. (The faceplate is the outer most part of a hearing aid that contains all the controls: volume control, battery door, battery contacts, buttons and switches.  It does not normally go bad but may be physically broken.)

OEM Manufacturer Repair Charges –         Quoted when needed
Circuit failure or hearing aids that have been designed to not be repaired by outside labs may need to be shipped to the original manufacturer for repair or replacement.  Most manufacturers will support their hearing instruments to be serviced by them up to 5 years and beyond as long as parts are still available.  There is a higher repair cost to utilize this service and we will avoid it the best we can, however this may be used as a last option. Saving our customers money and getting the hearing aid working right is our highest priority.  If we need to send the hearing aid away to the original manufacturer we will seek approval first. We will make you aware of the reason, and the cost.

Shipping Charges:

HearSource uses FedEx for our shipping needs. We value the safety and security that FedEx has provided us and our clientele over the years.  Other shippers can be specified by you for us to use.  “All shipments to you are “signature required” (unless specifically waived by you).  No Saturday deliveries. Your shipping cost is per shipment, not per aid
(two hearing aids = one shipping charge).

FedEx Express Saver                          $19.50   Approximately 3 Business Days
FedEx Second Day                             $24.50   Approximately 2 Business Days
FedEx Standard Overnight                 $49.50   Approximately Next Business Day

Important, Please Read:
When replacing components, such as a microphone or receiver (speaker), an increase in volume or output may occur.  Many times, in the progression of a hearing aid failure, a local hearing aid dealer will simply make your hearing aid louder to compensate for deteriorating components.  As your HearSource technicians replace these depreciated parts with new ones, we are restoring your hearing aid to a “like new” condition.  We do not however have the required hearing test information to re-adjust the repaired hearing aid sound settings to match your hearing loss.

If after receiving your repaired hearing aid and if you find that it is too loud or feedback occurs (a result of higher amplification), additional sound adjustments may be needed.  These adjustments would need to be made by your local hearing care provider.

Shipping Instructions

When shipping your hearing aids to HearSource for repair, please put them in a crush proof container or box (an old plastic pill or vitamin bottle works well).  Then put the crush proof container in a regular shipping box or envelope for shipping.  Include in the package either the printed Hearing Aid Repair Form provided or simply include a written description of the problems your experiencing, contact information, and return shipping address.

We also recommend that you insure and/or require us to sign that we have received the package. We are not
responsible for lost or damaged packages being shipped to us. Please include the appropriate check amount for the repair service desired, add your shipping method cost, and send your payment with your hearing aid (Standard $139 or Premium $179, add $49 for RUSH Service, add S&H cost).

Credit & Debit card payments.  If you prefer to pay by credit or debit card, we will call you for payment over the phone prior to returning your hearing aid back to you, please include your return shipping address and a daytime phone number with your order.

Please send all shipments to:

HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Service
102 Northfield Drive East
Bainbridge, IN  46105